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VLog: Upgrade Your Eggs Episode 1

Most of you are busy, I get it, I get it. BUT that doesn’t mean you should have a less than amazing breakfast. If you’ve read my articles on protein, Part 1 and Part 2, then you know that eggs are a perfect, high quality source of protein. How about upgrading your eggs to something a little more colorful, tasty, and filling?

Over the years I’ve become very proficient at making omelettes with some basic ingredients. But the beauty of making an omelette is that you can add whatever you want in terms of ingredients, giving you lots of possibilities to change up the flavor or theme of your omelette. You could choose to go with a mix of cheeses, southwestern, greek, or add breakfast meats as well to increase the total protein amount. Adding veggies or meats to your eggs could provide a more satiating omelette due to the fact that vegetables contain water and fiber, thus making you feel more full. This can be a VERY useful strategy when dieting down.

In this brief video, I show you how to put together a basic omelette while also tallying the total amount of macronutrients. You are counting your macros right? You better be! Enjoy the video!


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