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Take Care of Your Tight Hips…Like Now

If you’ve done any sort of training session with me then you know that I like to squat which means you will also do a lot of squatting. What good are you as a human being if you can’t properly use your hips? Not to mention the fact that it involves a very large muscle group meaning you get more out of squats than you would for most exercises. Once you lose function of your hips, you’re no better than someone placed in assisted living facilities or bed rest. There are many variations that I use in both my one-on-one training and online coaching: body weight squats, goblet squats, barbell squats…you name it! They all have their purpose and place based on your skill level.

Recently, my campers at Camp Gladiator have been complaining of hip tightness and sore quads so I made this video with you guys in mind. This is a phenomenal stretch if you’ve been running, jumping, squatting, or doing excessive sitting (so this includes everyone). Add this in to your day on a regular basis at the office or when a commercial comes on at home and I promise the results will follow. Remember, it’s all about progression and having optimal joint range of motion will yield just that. Don’t allow yourself to lose function of your hips…unless you want to get put in a home.

Try to collect 6 minutes total of this stretch daily whenever your quads are feeling abused. Thank me later when you can squat pain free.


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