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Goal-Specific Supplementation? Say What?

Again, the staff at Examine.com have come through BIG TIME with the release of their latest product that will solve the age old question I receive on the regular of, “What supplements should I take for _____?” My answer is typically, “It depends.”

From here on out I will be recommending my clients, or anyone else that is interested in a more comprehensive answer to their query, to the Examine.com Stacks Guide because it is such a detailed and comprehensive resource that the fitness and nutrition industry needed SO badly. Examine.com. is the trusted brand when it comes to supplements – independent, unbiased, and they don’t sell any supplements and won’t.

Previously, Examine.com released The Supplement Goals Reference Guide which was unlike anything not the market and it pointed you in the right directions based upon what your health goal was or what supplement you wanted to look at in depth. Brilliant idea, however, it did have it’s flaws. The Stack Guides are easy to use, give you step-by-step directions, and solve any confusion you may have. The guides answer the golden question by detailing what specific supplements to take, in what dosages, what can be paired together safely, what NOT to pair it with, and HOW TO assemble and modify your goal-based stack!

There are 16 guides in total covering topics such as fat loss, testosterone boosting, joint health, bone health, and more! Examine.com has a Supplement Stack Guide for you that has been approved and reviewed by pharmD’s, psychiatric pharmD’s, PhD toxicologists, PhD’s in nutrition, and more.

Examine.com will be offering a limited time only introductory price for all 16 Stack Guides which ends Saturday, June 28th at midnight EST.


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