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Must-Read Fitness and Nutrition Articles from January 2015

If you’re as passionate or interested in learning as much as you can concerning fitness and nutrition, here are just a few of the outstanding articles I read in January to expand your knowledge that aren’t overly heavy on the science.

Definitely give these a read when you have a moment because some of the topics may touch on areas you may be struggling with. Rest assured that if I’m sharing it on my website, then the author is VERY credible in the field.

In no particular order:


  1. Out-Supplement a Bad Diet by Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA
  2. An Ode to Nutrient Timing by Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA
  3. Nutrient Timing Revisited (video) by Alan Aragon, MS and Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS
  4. Detoxes: An Undefined Scam By Sol Orwell via
  5. How Many Carbs Do You Need? By Nate Miyaki


  1. 1 vs 3 vs 5 vs 100 sets By Jose Antonio PhD FISSN FNSCA
  2. Why do Peoples Knees Cave Inwards When They Squat? By Bret Contreras, MS, CSCS and The Strength Guys
  3. Why DUP is Better Than Linear Periodization – Guest Post by: Marc Lewis M.S.(c), CSCS, ACSM-CPT
  4. Eight Training Splits for Strength and Mass by Eric Bach, CSCS, PN1





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