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Recent Gems Worth Reading or Watching

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on the main site. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or “the Gram” then you know I’ve still been actively posting there. Stay woke on those social media outlets because you might miss something useful!

On to the good stuff…I constantly stay abreast with the current research due to my Master’s Degree obligations (almost done!) which means I’m reading constantly or watching educational videos. Some of which may interest you and they are from sources I highly respect or consider to be credible. Check them out below:



  1. Clinical Relevance of Foam Rolling on Hip Extension Angle in a Functional Lunge Position

  2. Plateau-Busting Strategies to Start Seeing Results at the Gym

  3. Why I Dislike the American Kettlebell Swing by Tony Gentilcore, CSCS
  4. The Art of Being Flexible with Your Training Part 1
    The Art of Being Flexible with Your Training Part 2: Including REF into Your Programming by Chris and Eric Martinez, CSCS, CISSN
  5. Autoregulation Training Talk with Eric Helms – Interview by Chris and Eric Martinez, CSCS, CISSN

Nutrition-Related (mostly)

  1. The Clean Eating Delusion by Steven Novella
  2. Nutrition for Women: Optimizing Fat Loss and Body Composition Goals by Dawn Weatherwax, RD, CSSD, ATC, CSCS (VIDEO)
  3. Grocery Shopping Basics | Transformed via (VIDEO)
  4. 32 Longstanding Health Myths That Need to Go Away (scroll through tips 22 to 25) Interview with Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS
  5.  Meal Plans VS IIFYM: What Is the Superior Method?

  6. Can You Gain Weight In A Calorie Deficit? by Lawrence Judd and Eric Helms

Dig in, enjoy, and make sure to pass these awesome articles along! Have a great weekend!

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