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Trainer Pro Tip: TRX Y-Raise

As a trainer, you gotta stay on top of continuing your education! I’ve followed Cressey Sports Performance for the past 4 or 5 years learning a lot from their practices with their athletes. One exercise in particular is the Y-Raise with the TRX straps to help improve function of the shoulder girdle. I use this exercise often with both private clients and members at Orange Theory Fitness.

One of the target muscles of the Y-raise is the lower trapezius which helps to control movement of the scapula on the rib cage and scapular position. A lot of people with poor shoulder mobility, like myself, lack proper scapular upward rotation (think of a counter-clockwise rotation of the shoulder blade).

The line of pull from the arm to the lower trapezius is about 135 degrees which means your arm is not too wide nor too narrow when going into that overhead position making that “Y” shape. The TRX Y-raise serves as an excellent horizontal pulling exercise to strengthen the lower trapezius, muscles of the rotator cuff, and shoulder area.

In the video below, I offer some tips on how to successfully execute this exercise. The TRX Y-Raise will be easier by walking toward the wall or will be harder by stepping further away from the wall. I recommend 2 or 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.



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