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Progression is about continuously moving forward in a positive direction or in a more advanced state...

  1. Maybe you’re here because you want to look better naked or…
  2. You know your nutrition is missing something because you’ve heard that this diet or the next diet will yield such and such result…and it didn’t.
  3. Or maybe you’re here because you want to lift heavy things because you realize how important strength-training is to longevity.
  4. Maybe you want to enhance your performance for an upcoming race or event?

My name is David and it’s my pleasure to educate you, coach you, motivate you, and guide you along your fitness or sports-performance related journey. There will be FREE content featured on my site that you can apply to your own specific fitness and nutrition goals based on real science with no hype or special “tricks.” Enter your email address below and click “Sign Me Up” for free updates!


My coaching is better than my athletic prowess which would leave me to describe myself as a…

Here are a few of my previous clients I’ve helped achieve amazing success:

Jonathan Smith - DMF “My name is Jonathan Smith when I started to workout with David I was 256 lbs, could barely do a pushup, sit-up, or even a pull-up. After a few months I am down to 219 lbs am able to do about 20 push-ups, I feel stronger physically and mentally and have a better knowledge of what foods to eat & when I can have them. What’s better is that my fiancé is working out as well and together we are building a healthier future for ourselves and our kids. This was a well needed change in our lives and I’m very excited for the future for me and my family.” – Jonathan Smith

Heather M.“I carried around an extra 30 pounds for over a year, using the excuses that I had had a c-section and had a bad knee. Except they reallywere just excuses. One day I got to the point where I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore, and refused to be in pictures with my infant son because I looked fat. So I went and saw David, the best thing he taught me was flexibility and stretching. All my muscles were really tense all the time because I never used them. So working out wasn’t just hard, it physically hurt. He showed me how to work my muscles out and stretch to get flexibility so that I *could* exercise. He encouraged me when I thought I was at the point where I couldn’t keep going, and showed me that I was, in fact, still going. He also encouraged me to change my diet. I didn’t go on a diet. I just changed the way I eat. When I started I weighed 174 pounds, and am now a healthy 129. I don’t worry about falling off the wagon because there’s no wagon to fall off of. It’s actually a really easy life change, and one I’m so glad I made. I’m so appreciative to David for the things he taught me to get on track and get my life back!” – Heather M.


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