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Strategies in Addressing Knee Pain: Part 1

Let’s face it: the muscles of the lower body get WORKED on a daily basis. Whether or not you are an elite athlete or an average Joe (or Jane) riding the keyboard, your quads, hamstrings, and glutes are carrying a lot of stress and tension. This tension can result in knee discomfort or pain over […]

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Whey Protein + Coffee = Pre-Workout!

When I posted THIS to Facebook, I think some people had really never thought of this before! It’s such a simple go-to when you’re in need of a high-protein meal snack while also looking for an energy boost. Optimum Nutrition (one of my favorite brands) recently released a series of whey protein products with added […]

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Must-Read Fitness and Nutrition Articles from January 2015

If you’re as passionate or interested in learning as much as you can concerning fitness and nutrition, here are just a few of the outstanding articles I read in January to expand your knowledge that aren’t overly heavy on the science. Definitely give these a read when you have a moment because some of the topics may touch […]

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Should You Train During Illness?

It’s a new year, it’s a new you. When 2015 arrived, you made a promise to yourself that you would train relentlessly and consistently to reach your aesthetic goals and improve your health. But what if you became ill from all of the holiday traveling, feasting, drinking, and stress? You told yourself you would get back to the gym after […]

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Evolution of A Personal Trainer: Part 1

This topic of discussion spawned from a recent conversation with a friend that has been working with a personal trainer for quite some time at a corporate facility. Her description of her experience with the trainer is one I often hear. This is not a horror story by any means but more of an observation […]

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How to Train and Eat for Optimal Endurance: Interview with Dr. Mike Ormsbee

This past summer, I had the pleasure of  attending the International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL where the brightest minds in Sports Nutrition gathered to display some of their latest research. Out of all of the presentations, one stood out the most to me because it was an area I had […]

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Deadlifts > Everything

The deadlift is one of the best exercises of all time! As a matter of fact, if I had to choose one exercise to perform for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the barbell deadlift. My job as a strength & conditioning specialist is to effectively and properly get you to perform better […]

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Got Macros? All About Protein: Part 3

This is a three-part article series where in Part 1, I answered the following questions: What is protein? What are great sources of protein? How much protein do I need? Is more protein safe? In Part 2, I discussed how dietary protein intake can largely effect your weight loss, weight gain, or body recomposition goals. […]

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Is Your Protein Spiked?

Protein powders are used as a part of the diet to help meet individual protein requirements. Despite not being needed, they are very convenient. You need to be on top of your supplement knowledge though. A lot of shiesty protein supplement companies have been cutting your protein powder like cheap dope. Here’s how… Check out […]

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Never Miss A Workout Again!!

TIME MANAGEMENT Try this idea if you find yourself not making it to your workouts because you had a busy day at the office. Stop missing training sessions because of excuses.  How bad do you REALLY want it? Progression always.    

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