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How to Train and Eat for Optimal Endurance: Interview with Dr. Mike Ormsbee

How to Train and Eat for Optimal Endurance: Interview with Dr. Mike Ormsbee
This past summer, I had the pleasure of  attending the International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL where the brightest minds in Sports Nutrition gathered to display some of their latest research. Out of all of the presentations, one stood out the most to me because it was an area I had ...

Deadlifts > Everything 1

Deadlifts > Everything
The deadlift is one of the best exercises of all time! As a matter of fact, if I had to choose one exercise to perform for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the barbell deadlift. My job as a strength & conditioning specialist is to effectively and properly get you to perform better ...

Structure First 1

Structure First
One of the most pressing issues I find that new clients are struggling with is how to actually put together their own training session due to a lack of knowledge of muscle movements and muscle actions. This is fair because not everyone has gone to college to earn a degree in exercise physiology or kinesiology. ...

Got Macros? All About Protein: Part 1 5

Got Macros? All About Protein: Part 1
If you’ve followed any of my Facebook posts, you would know that I speak a lot about macronutrients, or macros for short. When looking at the diet as a whole, macronutrients are basically nutrients of larger particle size that make up the bulk of any existing diet and are required to produce sufficient energy for ...

Double Up Your Gains

Double Up Your Gains
Between writing programs for my one-on-one and online clients, marketing, running adult fitness camps with Camp Gladiator, managing my website and various social networks, I have to be VERY efficient with my training time. You’re a busy individual so I’d recommend you do the same with your training time. But what if you could be ...

Creatine 101 (Part 1) 6

Creatine 101 (Part 1)
Every man, woman, and child (without renal implications) should be supplementing with creatine monohydrate alongside their well-rounded diet. Yes, it is that important. If creatine was ever considered to become a nutrient I would have no problems with it. It’s usages in both athletic and clinical applications has shown consistent promise for the past few ...
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