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Jonathan Smith - DMF“My name is Jonathan Smith when I started to workout with David I was 256 lbs, could barely do a pushup, sit-up, or even a pull-up. After a few months I am down to 219 lbs am able to do about 20 push-ups, I feel stronger physically and mentally and have a better knowledge of what foods to eat & when I can have them. What’s better is that my fiancé is working out as well and together we are building a healthier future for ourselves and our kids. This was a well needed change in our lives and I’m very excited for the future for me and my family.” – Jonathan Smith
Tammy S.
“I’ve always struggled with my weight growing up and after having my daughter, it got worse. No matter what diets or eating plans I’ve been on, nothing seemed to make a difference. I let lack of time be an excuse for not joining a gym or doing anything real about my weight. I knew I would eventually have to make a huge life decision and stop making excuses to make my goals a reality.Since it had been longer than I would like to admit since I had stepped foot inside of a gym, I was pleased to hear that Lifestyle Family Fitness gave me three free training sessions at sign up. That is when I met David who changed my life. David has not only guided me towards a healthier lifestyle, he has customized my training and made it fun to work out again.Needless to say, I signed up to have David as my trainer and by the third week, I started to feel and see a difference. My trainer David is amazing! It is because of him that I turned, “I cannot” into “I can”. My success is due largely because he never let me give up on myself!At three months, I have lost 16 lbs, 5 1/2 inches and feel great! David has given me the strength and knowledge to power towards my weight loss goal and a healthier me!Thanks, David!With great appreciation,— Tammy Smith
Heather M.
“I carried around an extra 30 pounds for over a year, using the excuses that I had had a c-section and had a bad knee. Except they really were just excuses. One day I got to the point where I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore, and refused to be in pictures with my infant son because I looked fat. So I went and saw David, the best thing he taught me was flexibility and stretching. All my muscles were really tense all the time because I never used them. So working out wasn’t just hard, it physically hurt. He showed me how to work my muscles out and stretch to get flexibility so that I *could* exercise. He encouraged me when I thought I was at the point where I couldn’t keep going, and showed me that I was, in fact, still going. He also encouraged me to change my diet. I didn’t go on a diet. I just changed the way I eat. When I started I weighed 174 pounds, and am now a healthy 129. I don’t worry about falling off the wagon because there’s no wagon to fall off of. It’s actually a really easy life change, and one I’m so glad I made. I’m so appreciative to David for the things he taught me to get on track and get my life back!” -Heather M.
Matt B.
“After having some success at a New Years resolution for 2011, I decided that I would up the ante for 2012. First up was getting back into some semblance of shape, which I clearly was not in (aka the “before” shot). I was nervous like most people would be going in to a gym for the first time in a while, but that quickly went away when I met David. To my surprise he wasn’t the degrading “what’s wrong with you” kind of trainer I was expecting, much the opposite he was very understanding of where I was at and where I wanted to be. Even more to my surprise, he was able to add in the nutritional element as well to help me get there. Now just over a year later, you can see how far he has help me advance in my goals. D. Martin Fitness can help you with your goals if you give him a chance and are willing to put in the effort!!” – Matt Alan

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