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The hardest person to train is yourself.

Have you ever tried just going to the gym and winging your workout?

How’d that work out for you?

What would you change about your training?

Whether training with me in-person or through my online coaching, having a strength coach customize your program is the difference between going nowhere or making CONSTANT progression. I provide a ton of multi-tiered options to help you succeed with your training and nutrition goals.

Simply go to Trainerize and download the Trainerize App to install on your mobile device and then select your training options which can be individualized to your preference or bought in a package (to save more dough). Financing and installment options are also available!

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Individual Training Options

  • Strength & Conditioning Program Design
    Access to Trainerize and the Trainerize App which is where I design your 4-week program to get you from Point A to Point B, making sure you’re getting gains and optimal results. Why 4 weeks? Because the body is very prone to adaptation so there needs to be a constant progression and overloading sequence to stimulate your muscles in order to keep your fitness progress moving forward without plateauing.
  • Nutrition & Supplement Consultation 
    No training program is complete or as effective without having a dialed-in nutritional approach. I give you the full breakdown of what foods (in the correct amount), strategies,  and supplements are necessary to get you performing at a high level while also getting you the aesthetics you desire! Now let’s be clear: this isn’t a cookie-cutter meal plan approach, but a way to educate you on being more aware about your nutrition. This is a life-long tool to take with you and share with others. No special diets, gimmicks, or tricks…just the truth! Can you handle the truth?
  • Facebook Group Support
    Once we begin training, I will add you to the DMF Client Support group on Facebook which is EXCLUSIVE only to current clients. This is a community where you can ask other members any questions you may have that might have been addressed already.
  • Movement Screening & Mobility*
    This program is geared towards fixing poor movement patterns and improving mobility & stability to help you move through pain-free ranges of motion at all of your joints to prevent injury. This program is HIGHLY recommended if you work a desk job or lack regular physical activity and exercise. If you’re a pseudo-athlete this would also exceedingly benefit. Think about all those bros you see that walk around with their shoulders rounded forward from doing too many chest workouts on Monday (international chest day) or the person with the desk job that is constantly sitting with bad posture, cranking away on a keyboard. I can help you prevent that or put you on the right path to fix it. This feature is ONLY available for Premium Programming Clients.
  • Weekly Audio/Visual Consultation*
    We can talk out the details or sort out any questions or concerns you may have via a phone conversation, Skype, or FaceTime only when an e-mail will simply not do. This feature is ONLY available for Premium Programming Clients.
  • Initial Assessment & Movement Screen with Follow-Up*
    I perform this with all of my clients to get a feel of their movement patterns. This helps me to write programs based on what I see needs to be addressed in a structured strength and conditioning program. This step alone is arguably the most important step in consultation process because it allows me to further customize your training experience. This feature is ONLY available for Premium Programming Clients.
  • Weekly E-Mail Support*
    I will answer one e-mail per week during normal business hours to address any issues or concerns you may be experiencing. This feature is ONLY available for Premium Programming Clients. Please make sure you gather all questions and make your email content succinct. Type each question in bullet point form (this makes it easier to read). Each point should not be longer than 3 sentences.
  • Admission to Group Webinars*
    Existing clients can participate in one of my group webinars to learn the latest on the topic of discussion. This feature is ONLY available for Level 2 and Level 3 Package clients.

Mobile Training Package Options

DMF Entry Level Programming

  • Exercise tips, suggestions, or analysis of current training protocols that aren’t my own.
  • 4 Week Training Program to make sure you’re constantly progressing and never hitting plateaus!
  • Facebook Group Support where you can ask questions, post progress pictures/videos, post recipes, and network with others on a similar mission!
  • Once a month Skype/FaceTime check-in
  • Limited exercise form video analysis
  • Billed in monthly installments

DMF Starter Programming 

  • Entry Level Plan that also includes a 12 Week Periodized Strength & Conditioning Program Updated Monthly with adjustments made as needed
  • Goal-based macroutrient targets with customizeable nutrition consultation
  • Supplement Recommendations based on Goals (what works, what doesn’t)
  • Bi-Weekly Skype/FaceTime check-ins
  • Unlimited E-mail support
  • Unlimited exercise form video analysis
  • Billed in full

DMF Premium Programming 

  • Starter Programming Features that also include an Initial Assessment with Movement Screening via Skype or FaceTime performed monthly to monitor changes and improvements
  • 12 Week Periodized Strength & Conditioning Program Updated Monthly with adjustments made as needed
  • Goal-based macroutrient targets with customizeable nutrition consultation with adjustments made as needed
  • Movement, Mobility, and Flexibility program to correct asymetries, prevent injury, and improve movement quality for optimal performance!
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Unlimited exercise form video analysis
  • Billed in full


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  3. Reply Penelope Smith Oct 24,2018 8:51 PM

    I liked that you pointed out that getting into a conditioning program can really be helpful when getting fit. It might be smart to look into getting an online fitness coach. That does seem like it would help you understand how to get fit safer and quicker.

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