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Take Care of Your Tight Hips…Like Now

Take Care of Your Tight Hips...Like Now
If you’ve done any sort of training session with me then you know that I like to squat which means you will also do a lot of squatting. What good are you as a human being if you can’t properly use your hips? Not to mention the fact that it involves a very large muscle ...

“Toning” Shoes Settlement

If you purchased either Skechers or Reeboks because of their questionable claims of helping you to lose weight or “tone” your legs, then you may be eligible to take part of the class-action settlement taking place right now. For future reference, if a product makes a lot of promising claims, more often than not they ...

VLog: Upgrade Your Eggs Episode 1

VLog: Upgrade Your Eggs Episode 1
Most of you are busy, I get it, I get it. BUT that doesn’t mean you should have a less than amazing breakfast. If you’ve read my articles on protein, Part 1 and Part 2, then you know that eggs are a perfect, high quality source of protein. How about upgrading your eggs to something ...

Listening to Dr. Oz is Not the Answer 4

Listening to Dr. Oz is Not the Answer
In no way am I coming at Dr. Oz negatively because he has done some good by helping thousands of people, but I strongly suggest you question some of his nutrition and supplement protocols. At any given time of the day, sometimes multiple times a day, I get asked the same question without fail by ...

You Foam Roll, You Move Better 2

You Foam Roll, You Move Better
A recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research confirms that an acute bout of Self Myofascial Release (foam rolling) on the quadriceps enhances knee joint range of motion without impairing muscle performance. What this could mean for you is that your training performance could increase during bouts of resistance exercise. A ...
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