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January Highly Recommended Reading

Every month I will be posting a list of articles relevant to the longevity of health, fitness, training, and nutrition. There are so many things I want to read but can’t keep up with so I’ll share the ones I have read with you. My MacBook, iPad, and iPhone will collectively have about 25 to ...

Take Care of Your Tight Hips…Like Now

Take Care of Your Tight Hips...Like Now
If you’ve done any sort of training session with me then you know that I like to squat which means you will also do a lot of squatting. What good are you as a human being if you can’t properly use your hips? Not to mention the fact that it involves a very large muscle ...

Creatine 101 (Part 2)

Creatine 101 (Part 2)
Still on the fence about the safety of creatine supplementation? Let me tell you a personal story from when I was 15 years old… Social status is everything, especially in high school. Growing up in the more rural parts of Central Florida, I was just like every teenage guy that wanted to be strong, athletic, ...
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